Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas time is coming

Here is one of the banners I made for a swap from the atc yahoo group I'm in. We are making the word "peace" and I did the letter "A". This is the one I kept for myself, so I didn't feel bad about showing it, though the swap is in the mail according to the hostess. I made 5, all different. I will receive the other letters in the mail and then be able to make a garland of banners forming the word. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work and how they all look together. I'll show my other ones when everyone receives their swap and make a pic of how it all looks when assembled. Jane said to use vintage traditional Christmas colors, so this is what I came up with. The Santa images I had were round stickers I lucked up on at a dollar store in Vinemont a few years ago. By putting them on this triangle pennant I got a nice arch shape that I like, giving a little contrast to the straight lines everywhere else. Everything else is scrapbook papers, some cut to look like ribbon and then accents of glitter, sequins, and a scrapbook sticker "A". The others are mostly similar, but different.


Jeanie said...

Golly, I wish I'd had time to be in that swap -- your banner letter is gorgeous!

I'm back! Don't forget to stop by and enter my drawing!

Beth said...

OH,,that is beautiful Jill! I can't wait to get all the pendants and make my banner. I already have mine, Moms, and Janes. We made them while she was here. I will make pictures of the banner when they are all together. You will really like Janes.
Hope your having a good Monday!

Holly said...

That is really pretty!!! I will gladly take that off your hands the next time I come know with my last name starting with an will be perfect :) Thanks :) Hope you week is going better!

Love you,

peata said...

looks great. sounds lik a fun swap
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