Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm officially getting old!

Well, I have a birthday coming up next month, in a couple of weeks actually, when I will have lived on this earth for 48 years. With that to remind me, I know in my deepest mind how old I really am, but most of the time, don't feel that age(except some mornings after working 3rd shift now, lol!). So I wander around in life with this conscious concept of me being younger than I really am. You know, avoiding the long, close looks in the mirror. Don't misunderstand, I'm not REALLY bothered by being middle-aged and fully appreciate every moment of every day of every one of those years as the blessing they are. I'm just talking about the way I kind of wear rose-colored glasses about my age and my weight, too. Maybe you know what I'm talking about and perhaps it's not a bad way of thinking. A small amount of self deception might be allowable.

Ok, get to the point you say! I went to the eye doctor today. Bet you know where this is going now?!?! Yep, heard one of those bad words, right from the mouth of the sweet, cute, & young optometrist who is now in practice with the one I've been seeing almost my entire married life. From someone who was probably born about the year I was married, I heard the dreaded "B" word. He tried to be polite and say "transitional lenses" but I knew what he was trying to break to me gently. Yes, Ms. Thompson you need BIFOCALS!! I had a feeling it was coming, but had deceived myself because, like I said before I'm pretty good at that. I believe I've even posted here on my blog about thinking that perhaps it was just my astigmatism getting a little worse. Nope, it's gonna be bifocals. If I say the word a lot maybe the impact will lessen.

The pic above is of a chunky book page done last year for a swap with the theme, "Faces". I gave old Ben a youthful, hippy look. Thought it went well with my posting theme today. What I dreaded about getting to the bifocals stage was the bother of it all. I've seen so many OLDER people struggling with their glasses and the transition from working up close to farther away vision. I've always told myself that because my nearsightedness is so bad that maybe it would counteract the tendency toward farsightedness, but guess it doesn't work that way. The good news was neither the nearsightedness nor astigmatism is any worse. Sweetie pie, baby-faced doctor man assures me that starting out with no-line bifocals when I first begin wearing "transitional" lenses will be the way to go. It will be easier to get used to it that way, he says. Hhhmm. I remain to be convinced and I'm still fairly put out. Maybe, if I stick a flower in my hair, wear rose-colored glasses, and wear a headband like buddy Ben here that will help? Nahhh, guess I'd just look like an old hippy in transitional lenses.


Jeanie said...

Oh, Jill -- you make me smile -- no, giggle! And I am feeling your pain. I haven't done the B-thing yet, but I should. I constantly perch my reading glasses atop my head and if for some reason they're not there, I can't see a thing up close. But far away, I'm absolutely fine. Still...

Birthday in a month, huh. Well, as middle aged as you may be, I've got you beat by a lot of years!

Liked Ben's face. That's was fun!

Holly said...

Hi Granna...I mean Moms!HA HA!

I loved your post about bifocals! It made me LOL! You may be going on 48, but you sure don't look like it! You look much much younger. I hope work wasn't too bad last night! Love you!


P.S. When I first saw the pic to go with your post, I thought it was a picture you found online somewhere. That should let you know how good your art is! :)

Kim's Treasures said...

LOL! I am younger than you by 4 years and the B-thing came up in November. When they measured the age of my eyes when I was in my 30's they said that they were that of a 44 year old. Yikes!

Your artwork is very cool!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
So Detroit Tigers have lost :(


Beth said...

I do Love Ben. And don't worry, I am right there by you in age and in needing bifocals. I was planning on trying to get some soon but after the computer dying, I would rather have a computer,ha!
I can take my glasses off and read just fine. Maybe next month I will get the glasses. Hope your having a wonderful week-end, are you having to work this week-end?

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