Friday, August 8, 2008

Set Kermit free!

I gave into my impulse to drive to town to the Salvation Army. Normally I won't do this unless I have another errand to run, because it's a 30 mile round trip, but I thought I'd try to catch a few yard sales, so I let myself go. I'm thinking I'll start trying to do a little yard sale shopping on my Friday or Saturday off. I didn't have a plan for the yard sales today, so I just tried to look for some on my route in and they were all disappointing, so no luck there. I did find some things at the S.A.

The top photo shows all the finds and the other 2 some closeups. I almost literally laughed out loud, when I spotted the little wooden school desk, which was just $2. I've left it just as I found it for the photo with poor Kermy tied up. I'm not sure I want to imagine what game this child was playing, but I do plan on setting Kermit free! For the desk, of course, I have plans on altering it, as I plan to do to all the other little chairs I can't resist buying. There is just something about chairs in miniature that I can't pass up.

Other buys were the floral trim for $1, dangly silver earrings also $1(in closeup), scalloped edge metal blackboard plaque for 50 cents formerly the property of Lindsey Kaye, 2 rusty rakes for $1 each, vintage paint-by-number picture in wooden frame-$1(the price is written on the glass and not ON the picture), and a wooden desk organizer for $2. My plans for the rakes are to either hang them on my barn outside or use them as wall hangers somewhere in the house. The desk organizer will be repainted and possibly used in the studio or maybe resold at the flea market.


Holly said...

I am SO excited that I have two more posts to read after this one!!!!! :)

You always find such neat things at the Salvation Army! I need to take you with me when I go to the thrift store down here...I tend to get sidetracked.

Oh...and I have a nice little corner of things set up for your "storage unit" in the garage. :)

Love you,

Beth said...

Great buys you got there Girlie! I so wish I lived closer to you and we could do some serious thrifting together,,maybe when I come down there we can do that.

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