Monday, August 11, 2008

School starting back

In honor of that, here are some pages from a calendar swap I did last year. I've not really felt artistic lately with my head all stopped up and been keeping pretty busy besides. For the swap I had the month of September, so I ended up doing my pages mostly about school, even though most start back in August. Artistic license I guess you could say. When I was young, September was the month you associated with school. I still remember the butterflies I felt in my stomach every year when that time neared. I don't know if I really enjoyed learning that much, which I do, or if it was a combination of that and the excitement and nervousness over the possibilities of a new year. Do you remember the innocence of the years before you started feeling peer pressure? How you were just "you" and that was all there was to that. You didn't worry about whether that was good enough for anybody else. Isn't it funny how you return to that way of thinking when you get older? Too bad we waste all those years and time on all that junk. Hooray for those who are able to remain true to themselves. Well, my little bit of philosophizing for today, lol!


Beth said...

Love the calendar pages you made. Your art always looks GREAT! I love what you wrote about how when your young you didn't care about how others feel about you and the older you get it comes back to you, they is just so true. I am still working on your surprise package, bear with me, you should get it before Christmas, ha!
Our school started back yesterday and we have a nice crowd of gangsters and thugs here at our Adult High school. It was so busy yesterday! Going to catch up on the rest of your posts!

Holly said...

You wise grasshopper! :)

I get to see you today!!!! YAY!!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!

I love those pages! I do not think I have seen those before? If I knew then what I know now, I would not have wasted any years worrying about others thoughts about me.

Love you,

Kim's Treasures said...

Beautiful swaps! I would have been so excited to receive those! I enjoyed school until the 3rd grade and believe it or not that is when the peer pressure and mean kids started to reveal themselves. I'm really glad my kids are through it all now too!
Have a great day! Hope you're feeling better!

Jeanie said...

THose are neat! Are they from our Yahoo calendar swap? If so, I'll be kicking myself I never got about to participating! They look fabulous!

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