Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Salsa and my 2 dd's

This is the salsa while cooking. I used my Mom's old cast iron pot to cook 2 batches and then for one, just chopped and combined and froze it like that without cooking. Have no idea if that will work or not. Couldn't find it mentioned as an option for putting up salsa online, but hey, by the time I got to the 3rd batch I was tired and ready to get it all done. Plus, I wanted to try to have a salsa more like freshly made.

I probably didn't do something right, having only a recipe of ingredients and bare instructions given to me by my dmil from a cousin of hers. It took a LONG time to cook down to a thickness. Perhaps I should have tried to get more of the juice out of the tomatoes, but I was using primarily a Roma-type tomato which didn't appear to be really juicy, until I started cooking, then it was very liquid. The first batch I tried to follow her recipe, except I added cilantro, lime juice, and much less sugar than she used(see I'm really bad at following directions, always go my own way). Also, I roasted some poblano peppers for use instead of green peppers, cause that is what we have from our garden. I didn't have as much green pepper as called for in the recipe, but I'm not a big green pepper fan anyway.

It still tasted too sweet for me, good, but more like a spaghetti sauce taste. So on the next batch I only added a tablespoon or so of sugar, figuring it needed a little to counteract the acidity of the tomatoes, lime juice, and vinegar in the recipe. It's pretty good, too, but then that's why I decided to just chop and freeze the last so it would be more traditional. I'll let you know how that goes, it may be too mushy. If nothing else, I figure I can use any of the batches I made as a basis for chili or soup.

Also, just on a whim, I'm showing pictures of my 2 dd's. No relationship between them and salsa, except they can both be a little saucy sometimes(ha ha, pun intended). While browsing through shots trying to decide what to post today, I ran across the one of Holly, my youngest, where she caught a LARGE catfish last month fishing at a neighbor's pond. She's not every been one to like fishing, but went because her hubby loves to fish. Emily is the one who loves to fish. My dh, Emily, Holly, and her dh all went fishing. Emily's dh and myself stayed behind to cook supper. They were all about to quit and come in, since nothing was biting, when Holly got this big "bite". She had a brim hook on her line, for those of you who know what that is. Personally I don't, not being a fisherwoman, but that is what I was told. So evidently the fact that they were able to bring this big fish in without the hook breaking off was a small miracle. She was very proud of herself and so was her hubby, even though he didn't catch anything.

And because I'm showing a picture of Holly, I have to be fair and show my other dd, Emily, my oldest. The two of them have a light hearted competition going about who is my favorite and, of course, I always tell each one that the other is, which is part of the joke. They know I don't mean it and that I love them both the same. The reason I took the photo of Emily is that I want to try the painting techique I've seen done, I think by D.J. Pettit, where you start out with a photo glued on a collage canvas and then paint over it. I already had a closeup of Holly that I want to use but had none of Emily. Another project on my mental to-do list. I also joke that I'm going to have to live a long, long life to get to all my things to do.


Holly said...

YAY!!!! A post!!!!

For those reading this blog...the salsa tasted as good as it looks! Mom is a great cook (even though she does not give herself enough credit sometimes).

Moms...I am so glad I got to see you and Dadder Foofers yesterday! It really was the highlight of my week! Also, thanks for posting about me :) You are a very dear to me and I know you love us both the same ;) ;) (We can just keep telling Emily that to make her feel better...I know who the favorite really is :) :)

I am sorry you have to go back to work tonight! Yuck! However, the sooner you get the work week started...the sooner you get to have seven more GLORIOUS days off!

Love you so much,

P.S. The catfish was caught with the brim hook AND a hotdog weany...ha ha :)

Kim's Treasures said...

The salsa looks yummy...hope your freezer one works out for you! Great photos of your DD's!
Have a great day!

Jeanie said...

The salsa looks great and so do the girls! Its fun to see family! And I bet it was delicious.

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