Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Received an award!

From my friend, Jeanie, at the Marmalade Gypsy, I received the following award:

I thank her most kindly for thinking of me. According to Cyberspace rules in the eUniverse of eAwards, acceptance of this Excellent Blog Award requires me to tag nominate 10 virtual victims excellent Bloggers. I don't know 10 bloggers closely and Jeanie and Beth would be 2 I would nominate, but Jeanie nominated me and Beth as well, so I'm going to break the rules. For now I nominate:

Kim at Kim's Treasures

Not getting as much done this week as I hoped. Seem to have been gone a lot, especially this weekend and all the way through yesterday, when I've hardly been home at all. We did get to see the girls & their dh's in their new apartments in Tuscaloosa on Saturday evening. They have their new homes fixed up really pretty. It was good to get to see all of them as we've not seen any except Holly in several weeks. The weather driving back was pretty bad. The tropical storm was moving in and the wind was pretty strong. Yesterday we had a good bit of rain, a lot of it slow and steady, which is great. We were getting a little dry around here. I was at Mom's, planning on doing a good bit of yard work, but it rained me out of that. We did get some errands run and some other things done.

Today I'm still working with getting my new wireless internet device communicating my laptop. This is the 2nd one they shipped me. It is working with my desktop computer very well, but not with my laptop. I'm not having great success with AT&T's technical and customer support. They keep you on hold forever before they answer and then transfer you to someone else where you stay on hold again before talking to a person. They say they will call you back so you won't have to call and hold so long and they never do. Very frustrating!

Needless to say, I'm kind of ill right now, from trying to deal with that for the 2nd week in a row. Also, we ordered new cell phones(we were entitled to free updates) and when mine arrived but not my dh's, I had to try to track it down. DHL delivered my new phone yesterday and the replacement wireless card/device, but not his phone. I went online to track it and it said it was shipped and delivered by UPS. Got to looking at the location delivered to and it said "side door". Went back outside to look again on our COVERED front porch with no sign of it there and walked around the house to the totally unprotected from the weather, uncovered side door to the garage which we never use and there it was, propped up at the bottom of the door. The box was wet, but thankfully the phone was in a plastic casing and seems to be ok. Can anyone explain to me what sense that made? We have no outside dogs, so there was nothing preventing him from leaving it on a chair or table on the front porch. Oh well, I'm sure it was a man, so there you go!


Jeanie said...

Oh, I hate it when that happens! Seems to slow everything down. I never understand the post. Wishing you well in the rain and hope you get only wet, no damage.

I mailed off your vacation drawing things yesterday -- they said about five days, so look for it!

Kim's Treasures said...

Hi Jill! Thanks so much for the award!!! That is so sweet of you! Your blog is EXCELLENT too!

I feel your pain with technology! I never have any luck with it or technical support! I hope you get it fixed soon!

Glad you got to visit the girls without having to worry too much about Fay! I hope you're drying out now.

Have a great day!

Beth said...

I sure can relate to your fustration. I have had a whole year of this kind of stuff. And now my hard drive on my home computer just died. Whew.
But UPS is known to deliver packages and leave them in the worse locations.
Hope today is a better day for you.

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