Thursday, August 7, 2008

What are you doing?

Sharing another compostion journal spread. The left hand page is on top. They started out with pink color-washed pages. On the left page, I glued a vintage photo of a road with old cars sitting beside it (Don't you wonder why someone took the photo?), text words, picture from a vintage Danish encyclopedia, and a bit of paper from a shorthand book. The right page has some more shorthand paper, some pictures and words, and bit of journaling hidden under the pocket page in the middle. For the pocket page, I folded the page in the middle inward long ways and then up in a triangle at the bottom. To make the pockets, I then pasted on striped watercolor painted page from an Oriental book and a butterfly. There is a tag on the front from crayon-colored cardstock and then a torso tag in the back pocket which was cut out of some old college work pages of my dd's. Each tag has journaling on the back. I used crayons here and there for added emphasis and extra marks and words.

Enjoying my first real off day. Yesterday was kind of, but since I had worked the night before it, I was so tired it didn't really feel like one. Though I think I'm getting a cold(one of my coworkers has one), so I'm loading up on vitamins, especially Vit. C, and cold medicine. Feeling achy all over and in my throat. Hopefully, I'll be able to fight it off before it gets too bad. My immune system is usually pretty strong, but maybe the change in shifts threw it off kilter. We've just returned from taking our camper for a repair. Now I just need to decide where I'm going to get started with all the things on the to-do list.

BTW, do any of you have a good recipe for homemade salsa? I know I can and have looked them up on the internet, but thought I'd ask in case you had a tried and true recipe. The tomatoes are coming in pretty good right now and then I've also got some Poblano peppers and some hot peppers that I can add to the mix. Thought about roasting the Poblano's first and using them like that.


Holly said...

Thank you for posting! :) I had something to read and pass the time at work. I love your artwork as always! :) I do not actually know any salsa recipes (go figure...since I don't cook..ha ha), but I will ask around here at work and see if I can find any. Hope you get to feeling better!

Love you,

Kim's Treasures said...

Your journal is beautiful! Hope you feel better!
Have a great night!

Beth said...

I think your art journal pages are awesome! You have so much more detail on yours and I Love that.
I had a salsa recipe that I used a few years ago but not sure what I did with it. It is alot of work to make it, I felt like I cut tomatoes and onions forever, thought I would have alot of jars full and I think I might have got 6 small ones,,ha! But I am going to try it again next year when I have a garden. Hope you have a wonderful week-end.

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