Thursday, August 28, 2008

Prize winnings in the mail yesterday!

Got my goodies from Beth at Lasting Impressions from the Heart from her contest to guess the identify of a bug. Beth makes some of the prettiest things. I envy her talent at stamping. To start off with was the lovely card with matching stamped envelope and then there is a floral bookmark, In Life's Garden tag, Art Deco Lady pebble, and the beautiful bird pendant with jade and gold beads. She also gifted me with a bag of different color bamboo tiles, so I can try my hand a making a pendant, too. Love the colors of all it it! Wasn't I the lucky one! It was a bright spot in my day yesterday.

Had some kind of stomach bug or something, so I didn't get anything done yesterday that I planned to do before I went back to work last night. I almost called in sick to work cause I wasn't sure I would be able to make it a 12 hour shift, but went ahead and hoped that it wouldn't be a really busy night. Thankfully it wasn't bad at all. Enough to do to make the night pass, but not so bad that I couldn't keep up with it.

Still working on the laptop/wireless card miscommunication issue. Someone called me yesterday from AT&T to help me with it, but I was sick at the time and couldn't answer. Maybe I'll have a little time when I get up from sleeping today to talk to someone. Any one had any experience with Vista on a Dell laptop and a Sierra Wireless card? Worked just like it was supposed to with my older desktop on which I had dialup. I was getting the wireless device to be able to use it with my laptop, wherever I was, but so far no go. Very frustrating!


Kim's Treasures said...

Oh my Jill! What a wonderful prize you won! I love it!

Hope you are feeling better today! :)


Jeanie said...

Hi, Jill -- what a wonderful feast of gifts from Beth. All are gorgeous -- she does wonderful work, doesn't she?

So sorry you're not feeling up to par. Hope it passes quickly so you can move on to fun things.

Holly said...

Wow! Beth made some beautiful pieces! I hope you are feeling better tonight. I am about to go to bed and hopefully get some rest. My throat has been hurting all night and I have a headache. Not sure what is up...but I do not feel so well. I hope you have a great night at work! I love you!!!!


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