Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Emily's painting

Here are the promised photos of my birthday present from Emily. It's hard to take a good picture of something under glass. These are a little dark, but I think you can still see how beautiful the painting is and what a good job she did for her first ever watercolor. Emily said she knew she wanted the painting to be of a bird, because I love birds so much and when she found a photograph of a bluebird she picked that because blue is my favorite color. I thought she had probably copied another painting until she explained her process to me. Em also knew that her Mom would most treasure the first painting she did and, of course, she is very correct. I think the painting is beautiful just from a technique standpoint, but that she took the time to think of what I like makes it that much more special. Thanks so much, Emily!


Beth said...

Oh,,it is beautiful! She did a great job and to know that she put so much thought in it is even more special. I will be sending you something for your BD but it may take a little bit. I still haven't sent Janes and it was 2 weeks ago,,I am slow but it will get there.

Jeanie said...

This was her FIRST watercolor? I can't believe it!

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