Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Give away reminder and recent bargains

Just to remind everyone that all posts until Sept 14, my birthday, will be an entry into the giveaway. What are you giving away, you might ask? And well you might since I've yet to post a picture or anything. Hhmmm? Well, I don't know for sure yet, lol! I am working on it, I promise. Keep changing my mind, but think I've got a theme in mind and I hope to start tonight getting my act and the prize together. Like I said before there will be at least a couple of hand-crafted art items, probably more, a collage/craft pack including paper and fabric items, and whatever else I find to go with the theme. More details soon, I promise!

Today's pics are of the items found at the Salvation Army today. The rabbit print was so sweet and only $2, most likely because the mattes have water damage. Overall size is 11x14, so I think I can take it apart and would be able to cut some off if the print is damaged and rematt and reframe. The artist's name appears foreign, like German or Swedish. For $2, I'll have a glass to reuse in another frame, though this frame could be prettied up with gold paint. Found a small glass ginger jar, that I think is Princess House since it has the etched flower design on it, and it was only $1. The cookie cutters were only a quarter each. One is a bat and the other a star. Figure they can be used in crafting for polymer clay or as patterns, since I don't bake that often(maybe when grandchildren come along there will be an excuse). Also found a gorgeous woven red and white cotton tablecloth in perfect condition, made in India, for $5, that is large enough for my dining table. The embroidered linen table runner was $5 as well. It has a White Barn Candle Co. label. Five dollars is pushing my limits for the thrift store but they were so pretty and like new, so I gave in. Got a bag of drawer pulls for only $1. These come in handy when you sell vintage/antique furniture, but could be used in assemblage pieces, too.

See the precious blue and white teapot in the background. It was free. The friend who gave me the pin collection(BTW, I think I forgot to tell ya'll that was not even all the pins the Aunt had. Her daughter had taken a couple of boxes with her to N.C.) gave me teapot because she said it looked like me. It's marked Made in Japan. I have a question concerning it. There are some darkened spots on the lid from where something stained under the crazing. Seems like I read somewhere you could soak an item in milk to fix this. Anyone heard of that? We don't drink milk, I'm ashamed to say, so I don't have it on hand, but will buy some if this will work.


Jeanie said...

What fabulous finds! Especially the rabbit print -- that's precious -- and only $2? Yowser!

Beth said...

You found some really good items in the thriftin last week. I haven't been to a thrift store in several weeks. Rosemary is suppose to come meet me after work this week and we are going to some around my school. I think I have heard that to be true about the milk getting the stain out. YOu could always buy a small container and try it. HOpe it works!

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