Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Taking a break from working on my 4x4 pages for a fall-themed swap. Mine are going to be Halloweenish. So with Halloween on the brain, I tweaked a photograph I took last spring of a dead tree in the pasture adjoining our land. Sadly there is another dead tree in the background. That one was struck by lightning. The neighbor's cows often took shelter from the sun under it. It was funny to see them all huddled together in the shadow of the tree, often only just big enough for the bunch of them. The entire area around us doesn't look this bleak. I just zeroed in on the fallen tree specifically for doing this type of photo. Thinking it would be a good background for some type of Halloween art. Now I just need to learn more about how to use the photo editing software I have. I have Adobe Photoshop software on my laptop, but I've not really got into using it much yet. I usually use the basic, obvious functions of the easier programs I have on my desktop.

I'm almost done with the 4x4's, but don't have them scanned yet. Fairly pleased with how they turned out. Maybe when I get home this morning, I'll have time to scan them and post. I would like to do a few more Halloween or fall decorating craft/art projects. I have on my computer at home(right now I'm finishing up a post I started earlier, but I'm at work) some pics of my Halloween decorating last year that I'll try to post later on today, also. It is about time to get those back out, I guess. We don't have trick or treaters, living too far off the main road, but I guess I decorate just for me. Certainly my dh wouldn't notice if I hung a skeleton from the light fixtures for decoration. Very unobservant he is.

Also along the lines of Halloween there is a great giveaway here
from fat jack originals. You could win a customized art creation. Go check it out.


Kim's Treasures said...

Good luck with your swap. The photo is great! How cool to live in the country like that!

Beth said...

That was a great idea to use that tree on the 4 x 4s. When we get together I will show you some cool stuff on photoshop. You can download some awesome brushes for it and its like using rubber stamps except there digital stamps.

Holly said...

That is a great photograph! Really neat looking!

Love you,

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