Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vacation prize package arrived!

The mail lady came to the door yesterday after blowing her horn. Just happened to be home. This is what she brought, the goodies from Jeanie's vacation giveaway! I took one picture of how she had everything packaged so prettily, making it more fun to open each bundle to see what was inside! The other shows all the goodies! Jeanie explained that the flip flops, cards, shells are from Myrtle Beach; the note cards and pencils from Banner Elk, NC; the quilt card from West Virginia, and of course, the beautiful "Moments" ocean-themed atc was made by her. The folk art card set has lovely colored envelopes to match, very nice, and the star quilt card is pretty enough to frame! She included in the wrappings some sparkly purple fabric and lace and ribbon that will be saved for future projects. Aren't the wooden colored pencils and the little flip-flops too cute! Thank you so much, Jeanie! Now I kind of feel like I got to go on a little vacation, too! You will too if you visit her blog, The Marmalade Gypsy. Jeanie is a great photographer and writer who shares her adventures on her blog along with some good recipes and art to boot!

Apologies for any typos that I may miss. I had a very determined cat in my way until just now. Bama must need something besides attention. I need to check her food and water, I guess. Or maybe she wants to go outside. The bad thing about her getting near the keyboard is she sheds so badly and I have to clean the cat hair out of the keyboard and off the desk. I've never seen a short hair cat shed like she does. Anyone have suggestions for food or anything? I thought about Purina One, I think it is, that I've seen advertised on TV, that is supposed to improve your cats health and coat. It doesn't look like Bama is going back to her real Mama anytime soon, so guess I need to try something.

So I also need to get off the computer after I finish checking my mail and get some things done. It's kind of a gloomy cloudy day here, remnants of Gustav, I believe. Speaking of that, we ended up with evacuees here in Cullman County, Alabama. There were over 1000 people from the New Orleans area that were sheltering in the coliseum of our local community college, Wallace State. Some who were sick were seen at the ER where I work this week. Think they might get to go back to their home today. So glad that this time they will have them to go back to, hopefully.


Holly said...

Cool gifts!!!!! Those little wooden pencils are so cute! Bama is so funny...I sure wish I had an animal that could live at your house :( I think Emily's count is up to two now? Just messing with you!

Love you,

Kim's Treasures said...

Congrats on your prize! How fun!

I almost always have a kitten trying to help me type! She loves to sleep on the desk while I blog too!

Have a great day!

Jeanie said...

Thanks for posting this! Good luck with Bama -- I wish I had some shedding tips -- if you get any, pass them along! Mr. Gyps is not exactly short of fur!

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