Sunday, September 14, 2008

Old Girl

This is my Mom's cat who is about 15 years old now, I think. My Mom and I realized recently that she has no photos of Callie that she can remember in all that time. So I took my digital camera over there last week and tried to get some good pictures of her. Only problem was she didn't like the camera and kept leaving or turning away. So these 2 were the only decent shots I got and they aren't the greatest. She looks kind of mean in them and she's not. Callie was a kitten to one of my cat's along the way and Mom was wanting a cat. She is the light of my Mom's life and totally rules the roost there. Callie is very strong-minded and is an inside/outside cat which means she only wants to come inside if the weather is cold or really stormy. She's a great hunter even now and brings Mom frequent presents of often live game. Just last week, she caught a baby rabbit. We think she may be part French because she loves to eat frog legs, unfortunately while the frog is still alive. Ok, maybe she is a little mean! I don't know what my Mom is going to do when Callie is gone. There will definitely be a large hole in her life.

I'm showing her picture cause Callie's not the only old girl. Today I turn 48 years old! This is my week to work, so no big hurrah. As a matter of fact, I'm about to go to bed. Both of my dd's have wished me "Happy" and I got a card from my Mom yesterday, but I really won't get to see any family. Kerry went down yesterday to see the girls and watch the football game on pay-per-view. He brought back my gift from Emily. She had told me that she was buying some paints to begin to teach herself and ended up buying watercolors because they were the least expensive. Her gift to me was her first painting which is very good! It's of a bluebird sitting on a branch. Has an Oriental feel to it. When I get time I'll take a photo of it and post, but I'm too sleepy right now. I will treasure it always!

Today is the day I'm supposed to do my drawing for my giveaway. I might get it done this evening after I wake up or I may wait until tomorrow morning. In any case, I'm still getting my act together on it. I worked on some atc's the last couple of days between work and sleeping and about have those done. They have to be in the mail this week. Before that I was trying to get the charms done I posted about last time. Now I can concentrate on the giveaway stuff. Posting has been down lately, so there won't be that many entries. I guess I'll leave the contest open so that any posts by 9 am tomorrow will be included. That will give me time to get home from work and get the names and number of times posted, etc. ready for a drawing. Remember, your name gets entered once for each day you post.


Kim's Treasures said...

Happy Birthday Jill!!!

Emmey said...

Mom, you are getting really good at taking photos :). Hope you had a wonderful day of sleep. Happy Birthday one more time!!!

Beth said...

I am so sorry I am late even telling you Happy Birthday! Please forgive me! You have been in my thoughts but wasn't sure what the exact date was of your birthday. Now I know and will write it down. I hope you had a good one even though you did have to work.

Jeanie said...

YIKES. How did I miss this? (It's called being sick and not checking blogs very well.) Congratulations! Belated wishes will come soon in the mail! Oh, I hope it was divinely happy!

(And the photos of Callie are wonderful!)

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