Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A slight touch of fall in the air

so in honor of that, here is another of the calendar pages I did last year for the month of September. Used a vintage school book picture and text with other embellishments on scrapbook paper that looked like a chalkboard. Little Susan added some more words to the board with her giant pencil and was awarded the "dunce cap".

Just finished up my 3rd week working of my 7 on/7 off third shifts. This week was much less busy than the first two were, thankfully! So not nearly as tired as I was coming off the other work weeks, which were terribly busy.

I hope to get some art stuff done during this time off. Seemed to be gone most of my last off week. My first week off, I was sick and trying to get work done around the house.

We will be going to a football game in Tuscaloosa on Saturday to see Alabama play somebody, but I'm not sure who, since I'm not going to see the team play really, lol! My nephew is one of the drum majors of the University's band, which is a pretty big deal. I'm really proud of him. This is more remarkable when you realize we live in a rural area and our children attended smaller high schools. Kids who make positions like this are more commonly from bigger more prominent city schools. He has worked very hard to realize his dream. Tyler is one of identical twins and plans to be a band director. His brother, Tad, also attends the U. of Ala. and is majoring in industrial design, I think it is. Tad is the one who most gets the artsy stuff I do(beside my dd's) and we enjoy talking about things like that. Their older sister, Lee, is a former Miss University of Alabama. She's now married and about to be a nurse practioner. As a matter of fact, all my Mom and Dad's grandchildren have attended or are attending this same University, except the youngest grandson who is a senior in high school this year. He's not sure yet where he is going. My oldest dd, Emily and her husband graduated from there and my youngest dd, Holly and her dh are seniors this time. It goes without saying, I guess, but I'll say it anyway, that I am also very proud of my dd's. They have both turned out to be such lovely, sweet considerate young women who truly treat others well. That is in addition to being very bright and interesting people. Warms a Mum's heart, it does!

Guess thinking of fall reminded me of school and children, then led to pondering how mine are so grown up and of time rolling by. Sigh! Facing birthdays and BIFOCALS has helped lead to that thought process as well, I'm sure.


Kim's Treasures said...

Love your calendar page! Have fun at the football game! Enjoy your week off!


candy said...

wonderful layout! i like the photo of "Bama" too.


Holly said...

Hi Moms!
You are a very sweet mother! I would have to give you and dad the credit for raising us well! :) I am so excited you are going to be here this weekend!

Love you,

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