Sunday, September 7, 2008

Link to a great giveaway

at A Charmed Life. This is for a great tote carryall filled with lots o'stuff. I found this yesterday on another wonderful blog Crazy Art Girl's Musing. This is one I visit frequently. Belinda is very generous in sharing information about products, books, techniques, and she does a lot of really cool art! I'm also in the yahoo group she runs, Mixed Media Art Friends, where right now I'm primarily a lurker.

I was fortunate to be in a skinny book swap where Belinda did one of the pages. This is the one I've mentioned previously where I did the all shades of white page with the little girl's drawing and is the only skinny book page swap I've done so far. That one happened right about the time my Dad's had some health issues and my Mom had her stroke. It ended being hard to get all the swaps done I had going on then, especially that one cause there were 26 all orignal pages to make,so I've been reluctant to join any for fear of failure to have the time. Recently have joined a few small ones to get my feet back in the water. I find that if I'm doing swaps it challenges me to try new things, plus it is great fun to get the finished product back. Maybe I'll be able to just do a few here and there.

No pictures yet today. We were late getting in this morning from Tuscaloosa and the ballgame. Enjoyed the day and seeing my nephew in the band. I have some pretty good photos that I'll try to get ready to post so you can see him. Might be tomorrow. BTW, the football team won, too, which was an added bonus, but it wasn't pretty.

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VintageCate said...

Hey, Jill, guess what? I decided to give away a second prize, and you won it! Please contact me. You are one lucky gal.
Vintage Cate of A Charmed Life

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