Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Halloween stuff

Here are the 4x4's I talked about earlier. They are all a little different, so I just scanned them all. The reason for that is I have scrap paper on my work surface to catch paint, inks, etc. and often use it because of the interesting accidental papers that result. In this case, I had used an old calendar for my work paper which ended up with some great Halloween colors, so I decided to use those for my backgrounds. Each piece was different so I kind of worked with what was there to create a background for "Little Miss Muffet", the one scan showing the theme for the pages-"after extensive counseling, Little Miss Muffet overcame her fear of spiders". I had come up with this phrase in my head and just had to figure out how to get it on paper. The girl is from a drawing I did in the past, taken from a magazine photo. I used this same drawing in a prior skinny book page swap that was all white tones and still had some copies printed from that project. When I was thinking of what image to use, remembered these and just "gothed" her up some by darkening her hair and giving her red lips. Then added bat wings and a witches hat, some glitter, rubber stamping here and there on the background, and sometimes some extra drawing depending on what I saw in the scrap paper coloration. For the last one, I had to collage scraps together, there not being a piece with the right tones big enough to use. I had to doctor up the colors sometimes, too, but mostly just went with what was there.

Before I mail, I will have to get my personal info on them and I want to get my hostess gifties together.

Also here are photos of my last year's Halloween decorations. This is my dining room table and the mantel that is propped up in there all the time to add some extra personality. The dining room is the room you enter from the front door. Normally the miniature dress form is on my dresser, but I moved her to here and added the spider for added effect. For the bird eggs in the nest, I put a few of those black decorative stones. The dogs are a pair of book ends bought at a flea market. They originally had a coat of white paint on them, which I removed. Not sure, if that was the way they were supposed to be, but I like them better like this. Most of these items are thrift store finds, including the Victorian house trivet tile and the haunted house candle holder(looks hand done, but not sure of the maker). Like I said, I need to get them out soon. Will take more pictures, if I end up doing this differently this year.


Jeanie said...

These are fun -- looks like a great swap! I know what you mean about the accidental papers -- I've had fun with that when painting silk and using freezer paper to protect the table! I love your Halloween decorations, too -- it's that time of year again, isn't it? I'm beginning to bring mine up and oh, how I love it!

Beth said...

Oh wow! I Love your Halloween decorations. Not tacky cheapo stuff like they have in the stores,,real originality! I also love the 4 x 4s,,you know I am wondering if there for my swap,,hope so but if not I know any that you create will be great!
Ok,,so now I am inspired to go look for some original decorations.
You are so durn talented,Ms. Jilly!

VintageCate said...

Jill, great stuff! Can you send my your street address again? I can't seem to find it in all my emails and I need to send your prize pack.

Holly said...

Hey Moms!
Those Halloween atc's are really cool!! I like what you did with that picture! Hope you had a great night at work!

Love you,

Brenda said...


Alma said...

These Halloween stuffs are looking super cute. Want to get them to add in my Halloween decorations.

Meghan said...

Looks great!

Kimba said...

Great halloween decorations! Really unique and I love them!

Thanks for coming to my party!
Happy halloween,

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