Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another spot in my home

These 2 photos are from one wall in my dining room showing arrangement on the wall and on the large trunk that sits below it. Inside the trunk is all(well most of) my cross stitch stuff and some fabric. It's an old wooden steamer? trunk with leather fittings. My DMIL gave it to me cause she didn't have room for it. Hate to cover it up, but I don't really have anywhere good for the kilim rug to go. If anyone knows anything about rugs like this, please let me know. I got it for $65 at an auction and believe it to be a wedding rug, maybe Anatolian, but not sure. It is dated, I think it's 1950 something. Also displayed there are a couple of the small boxes I've found that are hand carved. Don't know anything about them, except I like them. The smallest looks like burl wood. On the right hand side is a hand carved and numbered letter opener? purchased at auction for just a few dollars. Would love to learn more about the artisan who crafted it. The box on the plate holder is an assemblage piece I did that I'll try to post some pics of later. The outside says "seek" and started life as AOL junk mail. There is an old rosary hanging on the lantern and the picture I really bought for the sweet old green floral wooden frame it is in. Put it in this arrangement just because it matched the colors.

We missed the rain that spotted the area yesterday and today. Really hope we get some soon as our little baby garden plants would sure love a nice long drink of cool water.


Beth said...

Oh I Love to see the "spots" in your house, so cool! I LOVE the Indian rug too, and I bet it is worth alot of $ since its that old and looks like great shape too. I also love your walls,,is that paneling? We didn't get any rain either yesterday but looks like we might today and tomorrow. Have a great week-end!

Jeanie said...

The rug is gorgeous. I'll ask my buddy Richard to take a look at your blog. I suppose it all depends on condition and such, but he goes to lots of stuff and has bought rugs, so who knows He may (or may not) have some sort of clue!

Jeanie said...

Gorgeous rug! I'll ask my buddy Richard, who has bought a lot of rugs, to take a look. Don't know that he can tell but it's worth a shot!

Holly said...

You have not posted in 6 days! I am sad... :(

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