Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flamingoes and Mother's Day

Bet you never expected that title! I just got my Mother's Day present from Holly. I've been waiting to post what I got from Emily until I had both presents. Emily knows I love lavender scents and by that I mean something that really smells like a lavender flower, not that nasty smell some manufacturers come up with. While shopping in some market in Forth Worth she found this collection of products that REALLY do smell like lavender! I love them! There is a soap, salt scrub, and lotion and all smell wonderful! Then she also gave me incense for my art room. Very nice! I love how she took the time to find a gift so me!

Holly has been telling me that my present from her was "in the works" and I couldn't imagine what she was talking about. She got it to me this weekend when they came home for Father's Day. There is a shop in Tuscaloosa where you can paint your own cereamics or pottery and they fire and finish it for you. I love platters, so she took the time to research flowers and hand paint them around the rim of this beautiful platter. Isn't it lovely! Also, she made a card with a flower theme and included a hand written explanation of each flower and it's meaning. Wasn't it sweet how she took so much time in choosing the flowers, then painting them , and then making everything coordinate(BTW, the gift bag had flowers on it, too!)Pictured are scans of the front and inside of the card, the flower explanation, and of course the gifts from both of them. I have 2 wonderful, special, sweet, thoughtful daughters and I love them very much!!!!

Also pictured is a close up of some of the flamingoes that got put in our yard this past Sunday evening. There are about 100 of them! The youth from our church have been doing a fund raiser where someone pays to have a yard "flamingoed". We were totally surprised as we live off the main road with a long driveway out in the country and didn't think anyone would bother to do our yard.

It's been pretty busy the last week. Holly has gotten on to me for not posting in 6 days, but I've not had much time at home it seems. Today I will be going to Mom's for grocery shopping and a few errands and then hopefully tomorrow will be a nice off day spent at home. Fingers-crossed!

Oh yes, Japanese beetles are back! Dh discovered them on "my" grapes he said on Monday but I haven't had time to do anything about it until today. Evidently since they are "my" grapes, I had to be the one to do something?!?! Funny, I don't recall being the only one eating "my" grapes! I've dusted them and will have to keep an eye on them for a while.


Holly said...

You are a wonderful mother! :)

I can't see the pics of the flamingoes or Emmie's gift? Not sure why...may be my computer.

Hope you get that day off tomorrow! Love you!


Jeanie said...

This is SO, so great! Wonderful gifts -- I think they multiplied between early May and now! You're a lucky woman!

But my favorite part was the flamingoes -- I have a hugely soft spot in my heart for flamingoes -- I just love 'em! I wish someone did that around here, because I'd hire it for myself!

Beth said...

Love the flamingoes!!! And you do have very sweet daughters. They sure made sure they got you exactly what you would Love so that shows how much they Love you.
I hate those Japanese Beetles, I better check my grapes and see if they are on there. So you just dust them? I guess I will have to try that. Hope you have a wonderful day off today!

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