Monday, June 2, 2008

Hobby Lobby, the good and bad

I've been really good since Hobby Lobby has come to town. Well, except for the first week and maybe today, when you could say I was both good and bad. I've visited several other times and bought nothing and a couple of times and just bought one thing with the 40% coupon and then maybe 1 or 2 items that were 50% off. I've even gone some weeks without going in there at all.

Today I went in with a list of items I'm looking for after buying 2 books on jewelry making to look at on the way home from Texas. I know, I know, those who know me are thinking, here she goes off on another tangent. Long sigh! I guess you might be right. We will agree not talk about that, OK! So here is where I was good. Almost none of the items I was looking for were on sale right now or they didn't have them there, so I am holding off to go back with a good coupon to buy or when the items are marked down. The bad part is I got several clearance or sale items that weren't even thought of when I made my list!

Shown above is a pic of the wondermously cute pocket apron that was only $6 because all of their garden stuff is 50% off now. You know they gotta make room for Christmas stuff cause it is the first of June! I'm not kidding, they are putting Christmas items out! Yeah, get a headstart! Buy Christmas before the 4th of July! I'm thinking this apron will not only be good for working in the garden, but will be very handy to wear when crafting. They also had them in a natural/lime green trim combo, but it wasn't as trendy as the one I got. There were hanging wall organizers in both color choices that looked like those shoe organizers. Very cute! But I did manage to talk myself out of those!

Included in the garden sale stuff was the heavy metal rusty stuff where I found a hand form for $5 which is now on my dresser with my rings on it and may appear later at Halloween in some way. Since the picnic stuff was also on sale, I got a cute wire basket made to hold utensils and plates for the camper. In the clearance section at the back, there were some foam door hanger craft packs on sale for $2. I've seen someone make stamps out of these, just have to remember where I saw that at and exactly how they did it. I'll try to take a pic of the hand sometime.


Beth said...

Oh, I so wish we had a Hobby Lobby in Dickson, well, maybe its a good thing thing we don't or Mom and I would be broke all the time. Sounds like you got some pretty good bargains. Just curious about what jewelry books your are looking for. I am making alot of bamboo pendant necklaces and going to start soldering again soon. I love making jewelry right now.
Talk to you soon!

Holly said...

I love the little apron! Very cute! The pattern on it matches the pattern on my bedspread and pillows. Hope you are having a good day off! Love you!


Jeanie said...

Garden at half? I've got to get there! It's always so dangerous when I do!

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