Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Even angels wonder

I did this and gave it to Holly and Chris when they got married. It matched their decorating colors and Holly liked it. It was an experiment with painted background techniques and then collage with the angel from da Vinci's painting, The Annunciation, and some vintage music and wallpaper border. The accents of the butterfly and the medallion at the bottom are some junk jewelry bits. The title words came to me after I added the butterfly. I was thinking that God's creations are so beautiful that even the angel's wonder at them. This was something that just came together even down to the frame, which I already had from a thrift store purchase. After finishing the canvas, I looked up and saw the frame hanging on my wall and thought, wow, the colors just match if it will just fit and it did. No particular reason to post this today except I have already posted something I made for Emily and thought of that when I saw this scan.

I am still working on getting the "stuff" together to go with the collage giveaway, trying to decide what to put with it. Will most likely go out on Friday when I'm off.

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Holly said...

Thanks for posting about me! :) I have this picture hung PROUDLY in my dining room! Love you!


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