Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday words

Silly title, but I couldn't think of anything else to call it. Today's pictures are scans of a hostess gift I made for Chrysty H. for a chunky book swap she hostessed. Don't think I've posted these before. I think I did my pages for the book, but not this. I altered one of those handpainted folk art houses from the eighties, I guess, bought a the thrift store with pages and pictures from the same French textbook that I used for my swap pages. (see I do get around to altering some of this junk I bring home, lol!) My page was all monotone and so that is how I did the school house. Because they are scans the feathers are kind of squished. It looks better in person.

It was back to work today, but the day wasn't so bad. One more day to go, then off for a long weekend. Our garden is managing to come up even without an abundance of rain. We have gotten a couple of decent short showers since we planted it, so I'm grateful it's not as dry as it was last year at this time. Though again, like last year with Texas having floods and us having nothing the midwest area is getting too much. Seems like it just gets caught over the middle of the U.S. and never makes it South. I do feel so bad for all those suffering from the floods.


Holly said...

I don't think I have ever seen this piece! It is very pretty! Can't wait to see you and Dad!

Love you,

Beth said...

Love it Jill! Another amazing creation. We are suppose to get some rain this week-end,,sure hope it pans out. I hope you have a wonderful long week-end!!!

Jeanie said...

These are simply stunning, Jill. I am doing my first house swap and it's exciting to see so many cool completed pieces -- there really is no end to the options!

Have a lovely weekend -- perhaps a drop of rain! Glad your garden is doing well!

Chrysti said...

I just got done photogrpahing my studio for the studios issue of CPS --- i was looking at this then,t hinkiong how it seemed ot be made for me -- as it suits me perfeectly! Thanks again -- the pics dont do it justice!

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