Monday, June 30, 2008

Blinged birdhouses abound

I finished the blinged out birdhouses that I was working on and while Holly, my youngest dd, was visiting this weekend, she wanted to do something crafty, and since I had some birdhouses primed up, she did one as well! So lots of photos! I wanted to show all sides of Holly's as each was different. She used some old earrings on the front on either side of the perch and over the opening. The turquoise color ones were just a match to the paint color she had chosen for the house, but she did paint the wooden heart the copper color she had picked for the roof. Their bedroom has a blue/brown color scheme, so this will go well in there. She has an "A" for their last name and then on each side their first initials. I was very proud of her and so was her dh. Sorry for the blurriness of a couple of the photos, but I can't redo them since she took it home with her.

On mine, I used a combination of some scrapbooking paper and on the blue one some wallpaper from my old bedroom at Mom's house. Mom gave me what was leftover not too long ago. On the pink one, I stamped with white paint some swirls from a hand carved eraser stamp and used several different colors to give a more weathered effect. There is a "B" for bird over the opening and on back a heart from a pin I had. I also cut up some cheap colored rhinestone bracelets my oldest dd had given me to use in my crafting and used them to bling up the fronts. I may still add some flowers, but not sure about that.

We didn't get very much rain yesterday. A small shower which was better than nothing, but the ground is still dusty today. I was so hoping we would get a nice long shower. A day of rain would be great, but at least we got some and that is better than last year at this time.


Julia said...

I love the birdhouses! They are very cute! Julia

Beth said...

Those are some very blinged and beautiful bird houses. Holly has talent just like her Mom. Not much rain here but sure enjoying the lower temps and lower humidity.

Jeanie said...

These are fabulous! I got so into blinging my birdhouses back this past spring and I'm glad you are enjoying the process, too! Isn't it fun? Very nice,my friend!

vintage moon studio said...

Cute cute cute houses! Hope you're enjoying the summer... been pretty rainy up here. And I really love your header - great colors! xo Deb

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