Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More thrifting finds

Had to go to town this morning, so took the opportunity to run in the S.A. store with pretty good success. Found a bag of trims which included some beautiful rose pattern woven ribbon and some lace for $1 and a big roll of white crocheted lace also for $1. Those are displayed in a cute white organizer which was $2, I think. Not sure what it's made to organize, but I'm sure I'll find some use for it, if not in the kitchen in the art room. For $3 I got the green wooden tree-shaped thingie which may get repainted or not, but it brought to mind a place to display some of the mice figurines I collect, maybe the Christmas ones during the season. Then there is the really big yellow planter which was only $2(it was covered in dirt)bought cause I needed another planter, no comments from the peanut gallery, ok! Kind of look likes a McCoy but it's not marked and is shown in the picture with a 1956 World Atlas full of wonderful colored maps(future collage fodder) for $3. The decoupaged recipe box was just a dollar and still holds the previous owner's recipes. That struck me as really sad, you know, that there wasn't family that wanted to hold on to them. Not shown, because it is soaking in the sink, is a dark red-orange Tupperware colander, another $1 buy. It might end up in the camper.

In the art category, I worked on a spread in my "Blue" book. This is a large 12x12 sketchbook which I'm using to make a book honoring the color blue, which is BTW my favorite color. I've always loved this hue and find it very soothing. It's puzzling to me how most of my aquaintances hate it, especially in decorating, where they find it cold. As I ponder that it comes to my mind how hot-natured I am and how cold-natured all my coworkers are, so in that may lay some of the explanation? I feel the need to be cooled off and they want to be warmed. Hhhmmm, food for thought, perhaps. For the cover, I took a Moody Blues record album and cut it apart, glueing the front and back those respective places on the book(not my idea, I saw the idea to use album covers somewhere on the net). I've only done a few pages so far, as orginally I intended it to be a place where I journaled when sad- "moody blues", you know. However, I found that I only drew in it one time, when I was sad about my Dad and then didn't allow myself to write in it anymore, especially when I started other journals. I began to think that it needed to be something more than a sad book, since I love the COLOR blue, so I came up with a better idea. I'm writing down some phrases about blue, like Blue Moon, etc and may try to illustrate those. I'll try to share sometime from the book/journal but it won't fit on my scanner bed, so it'll have to be photos.


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Great finds! And how could anyone not like blue? Weird! ;o)

Beth said...

Well again, you found some great treaures. Love the planter, looks so vintage. Can't wait to see pictures of your Blue journal.

Jeanie said...

What a good idea, the blue book. I'm eager to see that. I think doing something on a theme might help me with the art journal concept.

Good finds! You could use the green thing on a studio desk to hold supplies or special treasures! (Unless your desk is as crowded as mine, in which case too big!) The planter is very cool!

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