Monday, June 9, 2008

A few thrift store finds

Very few, but here they are. It was too hot to linger very long in the back of the store as it is an old warehouse and there is no A/C. They have fans which help some but not a lot with the humidity like it is now.

There are 3 Pfaltzgraff dishes that are made for a Lazy Susan type set which were only $1 each. I'm planning on using them in my art room on the desk top with buttons or small embellishments in them. The pottery bowl was $1 and I included a closeup of it in case any of you recognize the maker. It's unmarked but appears handmade. Got the small Staffordshire saucer for 50 cents because it has a small chip on the back. I'm planning on collaging a vintage picture in the middle of it with some type of embellishments for added decoration. The book was $1 and the easel was $2. I couldn't get a good picture of it extended and the stuff, too, but it is the kind made with a piece that swings over and up to hold a canvas. Very nice for when I get around to painting, lol!

And great news! A lot of the seed we planted in the garden is coming up! As our luck would have it once we put the seed in the ground it has quit raining and turned very hot, BUT we have watered a couple of times lightly to get the seeds to sprout and are praying that we get some of the 30% chance of rain they are giving this week. We need to get an earlier start next year. This is mine and dh's first garden to ever plant together. We've both worked in our share growing up, but never gotten around to doing our own, even though I've been bugging him to for years. I used to have to help in my grandparents garden as well as my parents. It is cool, though to see how fast it all comes up and grows. We checked it this morning and then while I was out walking the dogs this afternoon, it was amazing to see how a lot of the plants had grown since the morning and a few had even broken ground in that time.


Beth said...

Hey you got some great buys on your thrift store finds. Love the pottery dish and can't wait to see what you collage on the plate.
I wish I could have planted a garden this year. Finally got the flat and sunny land to do it but having to work so hard on the other house so we didn't have time to plant one. Can't wait to see all the goodies you get out of yours. We need rain here so desperately. Tired of watering flowers every night. Its a little cooler here today but the rain is staying east of us.
We'll keep praying for the wet stuff.

Jeanie said...

You had wonderful finds! I like the idea of using those bowls in your art room and the easel is always a plus!

All my plants are in little (or big) pots. I have three packets of seeds that never made it into the ground. I suspect I should at least try this year -- I think they have a shelf life, but I haven't had the ambition!

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