Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is another page related to the skinny book swap mentioned previously. It was made for a book that was supposed to be auctioned off for charity. Not sure what happened on that. I never saw where it was, but I may have missed it. Perhaps there wasn't enough interest or enough participants sending pages in for this book. Here was my page. I found the chicken head in some of my paper scraps and collaged the rest to go with it.

Wish fortune would smile upon us with some of that watery stuff from the sky! The last few days we've missed some afternoon summer showers by just a half mile or less. I think there is a large % chance tonight and tomorrow, so fingers crossed!

Not much going on around here. It's been a lazy day, but those are nice sometimes. I have done a little cleaning and putting up of stuff in my art/craft room. Also, put some finishing touches on some blinged out birdhouses. I was inspired to do these after seeing some post here at Karla's Cottage blog. It was a couple of months ago, I think, that she had some beautiful birdhouses in a Bling Your Birdhouse party. I found it too late to participate, but was inspired to do some myself. I'll share the pics of them hopefully by Monday. I've got a couple done and hope to do many more.

We're grilling chicken, that is, one of my dsil's and my dh are, and having grilled asparagus and also fresh green beans or salad.


Beth said...

Love that skinny page book. Awesome. I have a girl who is sending me some decos to work in, maybe you would want to do some in them too?
I talked to my bro in Hartselle yesterday and he said he didn't get much rain at all, did you get any? We only got .86, I was hoping for more. Horrible about the storm that hit the air show in Huntsville.
Hope you had a great week-end!

Jeanie said...

Beautiful piece. Very nice indeed! Hope you get that rain soon...

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